what causes TMJ

What causes TMJ pain? This is a common question among the people who suffer from this painful disorder. While it is not a simple to understand medical problem, the causes are a mystery. Well, what causes TMJ is still not known but what we do know is that the symptoms associated with the disorder are persistent and they range from mild to severe.

 It is a disorder where the jaw bone itself has problems with function. This is because of the syndrome that was caused when your jaw misaligned when you are in a situation where you cannot open your mouth properly. This causes the teeth to close on each other.

If the condition is left untreated, it can cause terrible toothaches and even fracture in the tooth. In a worst case scenario, the jaw bones may be pulled apart or caused to move. This can cause serious issues to the nerves of the nerves can actually become impinged and inflamed.

As mentioned earlier, the symptoms associated with the disorder include toothaches and aching teeth. The condition can cause sufferers to grind their teeth or bite down too hard. The pain can also cause sufferers to gag, their jaws will be closed too tight and they can’t get rid of air from their mouths. It is not uncommon for the person suffering from the disorder to feel a sensation of having a blister on their tongue or an irritation to their cheeks.

If the jaw is misaligned, it is the case that the sufferer experiences TMJ pain. In fact, the misalignment occurs because of a difference in the alignment of the jaw bones. This happens when the muscles that control the jaw are weak and tendons may be misaligned when the person’s jaw opens too wide.

As mentioned above, there are many factors that may be the cause of TMJ. For example, genetics can play a role. Another reason could be when your teeth are misaligned and it causes the teeth to shift.

TMJ can be caused by the jaw being too tight or by the teeth grinding. You can see that there are several possible reasons but you need to have medical clearance to determine the cause of the problem.

You will need to visit a dentist so that you can know exactly what causes TMJ. By visiting a dentist and diagnosing the problem, you can then make the necessary adjustments to help prevent this problem from occurring.

Before making any decisions, it is important to see a dentist at TMJ Colorado Springs so that you can be sure of the cause of the problem. You also need to know that if you already have the disorder, you should ask your dentist about the best treatment method.

Some people experience misalignment from their childhood but this can vary from individual to individual. As a result, there are different types of treatments that you can try out such as braces and appliances.

In general treatment, the teeth are adjusted so that they fit in more comfortably. Then there are dentures, which can be made from porcelain. Orthodontic adjustment is done with the help of an orthodontist to make sure that the teeth align properly.

This condition is very serious and people who suffer from it should seek medical attention. Whenthis happens, it is very important to seek treatment so that the patient can get better fast.

Facial nerve blocks are placed inside the jaw bone to interrupt the nerves that cause pain. This method is used to treat serious cases of TMJ. This procedure may be performed with or without anesthesia.

Dental-related procedures may be necessary. Tooth extraction or root canal therapy may be needed if jaw deformities are causing the pain. Other procedures can be done to improve chewing or other oral functions.

Healing of TMJ is often a slow process. People who have TMJ need to keep up with their treatment so that the jaw will no longer be a problem for them.